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About New Me

NEW ME is a comedic web series that follows Sadie, an inexperienced college freshman, who struggles to find herself because of the pressure social media puts on young women.

Meet Sadie

Everything has changed for Sadie. She just got dumped, is starting college, and just saw her ex with some picture-perfect influencer on Instagram. How is she supposed to compete with that? Did I mention she has no style and has only slept with her ex-boyfriend? Yeah. It's that bad.

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The Story

New Me is a web series that takes place one month after Sadie and her roommate, Lucia head to college and Sadie’s ex of four years, Sam, dumped her.


Sadie is so accustomed to being in a relationship that she is just now being exposed to the standards and trends that influence girls her age. After Lucia shows Sadie a photo of Sam with some picture-perfect influencer, Sadie begins her journey of self-discovery through social media.


This dramedy explores the doubts and frustrations women experience every day through comparison and their perception of themselves through social media.

Mission Statement

Actress/Writer/Director/Producer Catie Elaine Hankins hopes to spark conversations around the pressures social media places on young women every day. Her personal experiences of self-deprecating comparison, compulsive stalking, and thoughts of changing who she is are threaded throughout the series.

Meet The Creators

Catie Elaine Hankins and Jenny De La Fuente are a dynamic female-filmmaker duo residing in Austin, TX.

Together, they have created several films including NEW ME and Somewhere You Feel Free, and are also in the process of producing their first theatre production.


New Me Team

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